Members Handicap Info

Our new GHIN handicap system provides Bayonet members several options for posting scores. You can post scores...

  • At the kiosk in the clubhouse, just like before.
  • From your PC or Mac. Just visit . You will need your GHIN number.
  • From your mobile device. Just search for and download the GHIN app. Again, you will need your GHIN number.


If you need your GHIN number or any other help, just call us at the ProShop at 910-904-1500.


Upcoming Events

Ladies Afternoon League
12 weeks beginning May 28th

9 or 18 holes available. Call proshop or email Brad at for information or to sign up.

Cape Fear Baptist Church Brotherhood
September 27th

4 person Captain's Choice. Cost $55pp. Contact Brad at proshop for more information. 910-904-1500